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New to the UK, Doge riser recliner chairs combine contemporary design with state of the art adjustability.

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Find out more about our rental scheme by calling us on 01803220378.

For many people the importance of having a chair which is tailored to their size & needs cannot be overemphasised. Chairs are too often selected chiefly for their aesthetic appeal & this can lead to poor posture, back & neck pain, breathing & circulatory difficulties, vulnerability to developing pressure ulcers, difficulty in rising and so on. Buying a chair should be viewed in a similar light to buying a good pair of shoes - if the fit & support are poor then we will be very uncomfortable & may develop other more serious problems, so too with badly designed or wrongly sized chairs.

At Cavendish Health Care we advise customers on correct seating posture to assist them in finding a chair which is most suitable for them with their long term wellbeing and independence very much in mind.

Many of our customers have previously purchased a chair from a high street furniture store and have been unable to get comfortable as the seat height and depth are wrong.